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Document Scanning in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Document Scanning Services

document scanning services baltimore

We understand that every client and every project is unique. With customized document Baltimore scanning services to best match the needs of our customers, let us help you find the right long-term and short-term solution for your business.

Our Baltimore document scanning services range from paper scanning to microfiche or microfilm conversion and even large-format scanning. Whether you need a first-class scanning facility or mobile equipment brought on-site directly to your business, we can do it all.

Professional Scanning Services

Traditional Paper Scanning

Document scanning projects come in all shapes and sizes—and Baltimore Scanning and Imaging has experience with all formats. We are able to scan documents ranging from credit card receipts to full-size architectural drawings.

With our have experience with optical character recognition (OCR), we can make your newly scanned files computer-editable, and we even offer day-forward scanning to help you convert to the paperless office without putting your business on hold.

Micrographics Migration to Digital Format

When you convert microfilm to a new digital format, your documents require expert care and handling. Our highly-trained and experienced staff have handled thousands of microfilm images. When necessary, our personnel in processing labs can even evaluate for microfilm flaws and also recommend procedures to enhance the film before scanning.

Baltimore Microfilm Scanning

Baltimore Scanning and Imaging uses high-speed film scanning equipment able to convert both 16mm and 35mm film. Our scanners are equipped with sophisticated image-enhancement software that can produce the highest possible quality electronic images for a wide spectrum of film reduction ratios.

Architectural and Engineering Drawing Scanning

Our scanning and conversion services for architectural and engineering drawings include blueprints, mylars, and drawings spanning “A” to “J” sizes. Although most clients request TIFF or Adobe PDF images, our services can handle a variety of formats, including DWG, CALS, and JEDMICS.

Benefits of Professional Scanning

Choosing a professional document scanning service like Baltimore Document Scanning Service over attempting to scan documents in-house offers a multitude of advantages. State-of-the-art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology ensures accurate and efficient conversion of scanned documents into editable and searchable text, enhancing accessibility and retrieval capabilities. Our partners’ expert indexing systems organize your digitized files systematically, saving you valuable time and effort in locating specific information.

Security is paramount, and with Baltimore Document Scanning Service, you can trust in robust security protocols to safeguard your sensitive data throughout the scanning process. Furthermore, our advanced equipment and skilled professionals guarantee superior scanning quality, ensuring that your digital documents maintain the highest standards. Opting for a professional document scanning service not only streamlines your workflow but also guarantees precision, security, and efficiency in managing your document repository.

Scanning Service Add Ons

document scanning services baltimore

In addition to traditional scanning services, we offer several other options to help you manage your documents better, including:

  • Finding the right document management system that fits your business model
  • Indexing and uploading files into a Document Management System (DMS)
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to make your files editable
  • Day-forward scanning, where you scan all documents starting after a certain point

It’s our mission to find you a custom solution for your scanning project quickly and easily. Fill out the form or call us for a customized quote.

Get Free Quotes on Document Scanning Services in Baltimore

If your project doesn’t fit these categories or you are unsure of which scanning service is best for your project, just give Baltimore Scanning and Imaging a call at (410) 777-8831. We have the expertise to handle scanning jobs of any size or scale, and we’re experts in imaging services such as OCR or indexing as well.

To get started today with any of our available services, simply fill out the form to your right to get free quotes on document scanning services. Within minutes, Baltimore Scanning and Imaging experts will contact you to assist you with setting up scanning services for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

document scanning services baltimore

What is OCR, and how does it benefit document scanning services? OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that converts scanned images of text into machine-encoded text. This allows for the extraction and recognition of text content within documents, making them searchable and editable. Baltimore Document Scanning Service employs OCR to enhance the efficiency of document scanning, enabling you to easily find and manage information within your digitized documents.

How can homes benefit from professional document scanning services provided by Baltimore Document Scanning Service? Baltimore Document Scanning Service extends its professional document scanning services to homes, offering a convenient solution for individuals looking to digitize important documents. Whether it’s preserving family records, digitizing personal files, or creating a digital backup of important paperwork, our services enable homeowners to declutter physical spaces and access their documents easily through secure digital platforms.

Can Baltimore Document Scanning Service assist with the organization of scanned documents? Baltimore Document Scanning Service not only digitizes your documents but also provides comprehensive organization services. We employ indexing and categorization methods, making it easy for you to retrieve specific documents efficiently. Whether you need documents organized by date, category, or any custom criteria, our services are tailored to meet your specific organizational needs.